Our therapists do abide by all laws and professional ethics concerning confidentiality. In general, we will never tell another person anything you and your family share in the counseling sessions. However, there are a few exceptions:

  1. We are legally obligated to inform the police if you give us reason to believe that you will harm yourself or another person. We are also obligated to inform the potential victim. If we do believe that you will harm yourself, we will also contact a crisis team.
  2. We are legally obligated to inform the police and Child Protective Services if you or anyone in your family is a victim or predator of child abuse. Also, if you or anyone in your family is a victim or predator of elder or dependent adult abuse, we will notify the police and Social Services.
  3. If we are court ordered to do so, we may be obligated to release records or personal information or testify in court. Please know that we will make an attempt to gain your consent before sharing any information with a third party.
  4. We may consult with a supervisor or other professional about the treatment of you and your family. In these circumstances, we will only act in a manner that will enhance our working relationship and provide you the best care possible. We will not provide the other professional with your name or identity. Rest assured that this individual will also abide by professional ethics concerning your confidentiality.

Please also be aware that if we are seeing you as a couple, we maintain a “No Secrets” policy. This means that any information disclosed to your therapist individually may be discussed in the couple’s counseling session if he/she feels it is for the best of the therapeutic relationship.

If we are counseling children or minors, general confidentiality ethics apply. However, with children under the age of 12, we will discuss the details of our work with the child’s parent or guardian. Any minor over the age of 12 will be told that the details of their counseling sessions will be kept confidential expect for general information to a parent or guardian of how the sessions are going. Also, the same legal exceptions will apply (see #1 – 4 above.)

Website: ALC has made the best attempt to advertise and represent the practice, our therapists and their qualifications as accurately as possible in accordance with the AAMFT Code of Ethics (Principle VIII). Please contact us with any concerns about this website’s validity.