Here at Authentic Life Counseling, our therapists offer virtual counseling sessions designed to fit your life. You may want to be seen individually, with your partner, spouse, family or children. We want these sessions to be direct, honest and open.

Individual, relationship and family counseling all require our therapists to meet you where you are and help you develop therapy goals. We will work with you, at your pace, to uncover your desires for a healthier life.


When you enter counseling, be prepared to tell your story and to be asked to reflect on your patterns of thought and/or behavior. There can be many reasons for considering counseling: from needing an “oil change” to unload stress to finding new ways to cope with an ongoing problem or illness.

If you struggle with anxiety or depression, your therapist will work with you to find practical ways of reducing your destructive thought patterns.

Perhaps you’ve struggled with a substance abuse problem or other addiction. Our therapists will not judge your behavior, instead, will lead you to healthier lifestyle choices.

Or, perhaps you have come to a major life change, trauma or are grieving a loss in your life that you need help processing. We can walk alongside you giving you hope and space to find real change and peace.

We see all individuals: men, women, teens and school-aged children. Please visit our “Therapists” page to learn more about the therapist that best fits your needs.


Having the conversation about beginning couples counseling can be hard. Whether you are at the beginning stage, the long and winding road of marriage, or fear you are walking straight into a divorce court…we can help. Our therapists are ready to treat your relationship with care.

Often, only one person in the relationship recognizes the need for a third party perspective. Please know that a therapist is much more than a referee whose job is to “declare a winner.”

Relationship counseling is a rich but difficult process that can help you heal from past hurts, develop healthier communication patterns, become better arguers and build a stronger emotional bond.

We also do not shy away from discussing the more intimate aspects of your relationship including sexual patterns and your relationship’s sexual identity.

In pre-marital counseling, we will develop a healthy love map for your future. We will discuss your current state of awareness about the areas that are crucial for a healthy marriage including, but not limited to: your families of origin, living arrangements, financial planning, sex, family planning, etc.


Families come to counseling for many sorts of reasons. Perhaps your family has experienced a trauma or loss. Maybe someone in your family has changed or become less available to the rest of the family. Perhaps you as parents need help having a very difficult conversation with your children.

For any reason, our therapists can facilitate healthy conversations with any members present during therapy. Our direct style will bring out the conversations that are beneficial to the entire family system. We will help you learn how to open up to each other and share your thoughts and feelings with those that love you most.

Virtual counseling can be a strong tool for family counseling. We can arrange the session to allow different family members to log on from different locations. Please remember, due to state licensure laws, we must only see family members who are currently in the state of Indiana.

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