The main reason listed for couples counseling? COMMUNICATION.

The number one thing a couple comes into my office for is, what? Can you guess? COMMUNICATION. As a therapist, I have to sometimes read between the lines a bit. Whenever I hear someone say this, that they struggle with communication, I often think, “Does either one of them really listen to his/her partner?” 

A Guide to Premarital Counseling

So you’re getting married! Welcome to the wonderful world of making major future life decisions while planning the largest party you could ever imagine while trying to maintain a financial budget, family expectations, societal norms, cultural/religious traditions, fashion trends and tastes, all while establishing a new level of commitment and intimacy in your relationship and divorce-proofing your future marriage. Mazel tov!

When a Family Member Goes to Therapy

Change is hard. This is one of the first things I say to clients new to therapy. Now, obviously they made the appointment and are sitting on my couch…you would think they are ready. They want the change, right? So, of course they want anything positive associated with introspection and communication. Here’s the thing though about change. Newton tells us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This applies to therapy and I’ve witnessed it many times.

A Therapist’s Take on Blogging

My name is Kristina and I have decided…after much thought, advice and worrying, to write a blog. Blogging has been a past hobby, one that I started for fun with friends years ago. It was really fun to write non-sense humor…even more fun when someone in Internet-land would read it and comment. I looked forward to blogging as a release, for entertainment, and to entertain.  Well, then life happened as it tends to. Grad school. Babies. Home duties. Starting a private practice. Counseling. Mothering. Wife-ing. More counseling. Who has time to think let alone write it down, right?